Digital Mock Up with Lattice3D Studio

Digital Mock Up

Lattice3D Studio is the cornerstone of Lattice Technology’s advanced Digital Mock-Up solutions.   Its advanced functionality and options will enable you to enjoy rapid, accurate verification and validation of your designs and manufacturing processes.    Design Review processes can be executed on even the most complex assemblies ensuring that you have a fully validated design before releasing data for downstream processes.  The built-in ability to generate reports with 3D images and cross section images simplifies the task of sharing results from interference checking with others.

The task of process planning, also called Digital Assembly, can be enhanced using Lattice3D Studio.  Comprehensive tools enable the interactive building of mBOM’s.  Easy animation tools and dynamic measurement and clash detection allow easy simulation of assembly tasks, maintenance operations and manufacturing tasks.  Human models can be added to into the process for complete simulation and verification of operations.   It’s easy to export BOM information, tooling information and parts lists associated with process plans for use with other systems or documents.

Lattice3D Studio’s ability to support data from multiple sources makes it simple to include tooling and data from suppliers in your DMU even if it is a different CAD format than the original assembly data.

Revisions and design changes can be easily detected and updated in your DMU environment. The ability to automatically detect changes will ensure that new process plans and design review checks can be generated quickly and easily.