Assembly Process Planning

Best in Class Assembly Process Planning Should:

  • Seamlessly incorporate part/assembly models (while maintaining their accuracy) from all major 3D CAD systems into a virtual assembly model.
  • Include models of tooling, fixtures and humans in the virtual assembly model.
  • Provide an easy-to-use interface for authoring the virtual assembly model that does NOT require CAD expertise to operate.
  • Allow the modeling of the assembly process to begin in parallel with the design process and easily incorporate updates from the native CAD system.
  • Validate the assembly for manufacturability, including capabilities such as clash detection with tool and human movement.
  • Share the virtual assembly model easily and freely with stakeholders.

How Applications from Lattice Technology Achieve these Goals:

  • The XVL data model was created specifically for these types of uses and is ultra-lightweight and accurate.
  • XVL serves as a container that accepts models from various CAD formats including PMI and GD&T.
  • XVL Studio is the authoring tool for creating the XVL virtual assembly model, which may include tools, fixtures, humans and virtually any CAD model.
  • XVL Studio includes advanced features for clash detection and modeling of assembly and disassembly.
  • Document procedures using work instructions include the appropriate models and a description of the operation.
  • All of the tools for consuming XVL models are FREE from Lattice Technology. These include a Windows application, Internet Explorer and Firefox browser apps, Microsoft Excel plug-in, interactive web pages and apps for Apple iOS devices like the iPad.
Assembly Process Planning - Clash Detection
Clash Detection
Assembly Process Planning - Tooling and Fixtures
Tooling and Fixtures
Assembly Process Planning - Animation
Assembly Animation
Assembly Process Planning - Human Interaction
Human Interaction

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