Technical Illustrations in 2D & 3D

How Lattice Technology aids the Technical Illustrator

  • Options to re-purpose CAD models into XVL that can be used by technical illustrators.
  • Concurrent workflows–the XVL model remains linked to the native CAD so that illustrators can easily update their work when the design is updated.
  • Automation features in XVL Studio that create advanced illustrations such as exploded views with automatic trace line creation (bill of materials, notes, labels), which can then be enhanced.
  • Templates that can be used to speed manual processes or that can be embedded as automatic operations with PLM/PDM systems.
  • All types of technical illustrations: conventional line, exploded view, and cutaways are available.
  • 2D documents that may be exported in all the popular vector and raster formats.
  • CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6 integration for the most advanced graphic editing functionality when needed.

Exploded with Call-Outs


Cutaway with Emphasis

Integration with CorelDRAW Technical Suite X6

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